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isreal319 , 19 May 2014

I just want to stop lip picking

Heyy guys. So I am currently a 19 year old girl who has a pretty bad lip picking problem. I dont know when I started exactly but I think around the fourth or fifth grade (evidence in photos). like the rest of you, I decided to google this disorder to see what the internet says and it was basically like reading about my life. I'm glad Im not the only one with this horrible habit but it is something that I do not want to do for the rest of my life. i hate looking in the mirror and seeing my lips very badly cut up and I know everyone can see me and probably notice that i am a lip picker but no matter what I do i cant stop. i feel like I have tried everything and sometimes it works for a bit and even heals my skin but then something happens or whatever and i'm picking again. my parents yell at me all the time for picking but the only thing that accomplishes is making me feel more ashamed about it which ultimately just makes me want to pick more. it seems no one understands and think "o come on. just put vaseline on it and don't pick" but as you guys know, it is not as simple as that. a lot of people think it is just a habit you do when you are nervous or stressed but i do it even when im in a happy situation. yeah I might pick more if there is a lot going on but i will also pick through an entire movie or event or whatever. my friend slaps me everytime i pick which again accomplishes nothing and she tries to use every tactic to get me to stop but it just makes me feel incredibly guilty. sometimes if i really dont want to pick my lip anymore or i cant because i picked off all the skin, i resort to picking the skin off my big toe but as soon as my skin is pickable again i go right back to that. i feel like i have picked it so much that i will probably have scars or deformed lips but even then i don't seem to care. i keep telling myself, o i will stop picking today or o i have a party or something that i want to look good for but i still end up breaking that promise. it's horrible. i think the longest i have stopped picking is probably a month but that wasn't any time recently. I am happy that i am not the only one struggling and I hope that some of us at least will break this horrible habit

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