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pollutedessence , 19 May 2014

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Hey there. I'm Lauren, 22 and I'm serving active duty in the USAF. I've been skin picking for at least ten years; I've overcome a lot, but I still have more to go. (Used to have bad social phobia, but I pushed myself and broke through it) I recently went to mental health to try to get some help; I've been dealing with this on my own for way too long. Over the years, I've gotten better enough to wear I don't need to hide my arms with sweaters. I still have scars, but I try not to let it hold me back. Recently, my face picking has gotten worse-not as bad as high school (I feel like I ruined my chin.) I recently made another noticeable scar on my face, and I'm just pissed at myself now. I'm going to try to get over this, and I thought it would helpful to join a support group. I play video games and I'm on Tumblr or if you'd like to chat. :D I'm typing this on my lunch break, but when I get off work I'm cleaning my mirror area and printing out pictures/positive quotes to cover parts of my mirror that I shouldn't use. I'm going to try to use it for only what needs to be done: getting ready for work and getting ready for bed! lol Can't wait to read posts on here and see what helps you all! I'm using Maderma and I recently ordered overnight Maderma. I'm stationed overseas, so my stuff takes a while to ship!

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