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2Longlegs , 23 May 2014

New here, relieved I'm not alone!

Hi all, I am having a hallelujah moment right now. I am 29 and I'm a face picker (in particular the chin area) and I guess I have been for around 5 years. Or at least that's when I remember the issues with my skin started. I have only just read about this condition after reading an article on a girl in the paper who also suffers from it. I am so relieved that it is a condition, with a name, and I'm not the only one! It's stupid but I suddenly feel so much better just knowing that. I pick in the morning and in the evening. I keep picking until every little dry bit, crust or scab is smooth although this is usually the point when the wound is left weeping, red and sore and obviously builds up again. I find myself picking in my sleep, and when Im driving home from work, watching TV or chatting on the phone. It's made me so self conscious that I won't answer the door if there's an unexpected visitor, I avoid going out at all on bad days and when I'm at work I catch people's eyes checking out my attempts of cover up all the time. The stupid thing is I know that if I just stopped picking, my face would clear! I even sit there thinking to myself "stop picking, stop picking, you're doing it again" but I still sit there doing it. I'm hoping that now that I'm aware of the condition I can somehow stop doing this. I am sitting here now with plasters on my fingers so that I can't pick.! :-/
1 Answer
July 09, 2014
Are you seeing white globs of seed like things? I have found most unirritated sore heal in a few days even if you pick. I had nonhealing due to seed/root like items. Finally found some help. If this is not you, keep it in mind to share if you hear of similar.

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