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emily61892 , 25 May 2014

Hydrocolloid Bandages

Has anyone here used hydrocolloid bandages for wound healing? I cleaned by open sores with Puracyn to stop the weeping and it worked very well. Usually I use Lanolin cream after the wounds have begun to close, but this time I also added a hydrocolloid bandage in addition to lanolin to keep the area very moist. I find that moist wound healing is absolutely better than letting the area air dry. I know a lot of people have had success with calamine lotion, and if you have then that is wonderful, but for me it just dries out the spots making them more visible and then I end up picking or scrubbing the dried calamine off prematurely. Womp womp. I just applied the bandage so I obviously can't tell if it's working, but at the very least it keeps me from picking! I took my time cleaning the area, cutting the bandages to the appropriate size, applying lanolin and securing the bandages so I'm not tempted to take them off and pick. I'd love to hear about anyone's experience with this or any other wound healing techniques! I have found some great information through this forum and I hope I can help someone who is suffering like me.
1 Answer
May 25, 2014
So far the puracyn/lanolin/hydrocolloid bandage has worked wonders! It's only been on for 7 hours but the marks are already light pink. I think the puracyn was a game changer because normally the wounds ooze forever before they begin to heal. And obviously the bandages kept the wounds very moist. I'm excited to see my face tomorrow!

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