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emily61892 , 26 May 2014

Miracle Products for Picked Spots

While skin picking is the absolute bane of my existence, my many picking episodes have led me to a lot of research and solutions for quick wound healing! I find these products can heal wounds in about 1-5 days depending on the depth of the wound. 1. PURACYN- While it is a bit expensive at about $12 a bottle, it is absolutely wonderful. When I have a raw, freshly picked spot that won't stop oozing, I spray it with puracyn every few minutes until it stops. If I can, I also saturate a bandaid with the spray and leave it on the spot overnight. The wound begins to heal very quickly without drying out. I found mine at Walgreens. 2. LANOLIN CREAM- After the wound begins to heal and is no longer oozing, the lanolin softens the wound to make it more skin-like. It's like super thick,more effective neosporin. Again, a little pricey at $15, but it's very thick so you don't need to use a lot. I use the Lansinoh brand which is found in the baby care section of drug stores. 3. HYDROCOLLOID BANDAGES- These bandages are about $10 at the drugstore and I use them to seal in the lanolin. It keeps the wound very moist by creating an air-tight seal that also prevents me from picking. They work great overnight as well. 4. CALAMINE LOTION- After about 24-48 hours of using the previous products, the calamine lotion finishes the process quite nicely. I always used it on open wounds, but it stuck to the raw skin which would cause me to pick or scrub it off. It also dried out the wound which doesn't work as well as moist healing. Once the wounds have healed and are no longer open sores, the calamine can be applied several times a day for about an hour which helps the wound become smoother. This product is either in your cupboard now or is only a couple dollars at the store. I hope this helps! Please leave questions and tips you've found.

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