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ianbell92 , 27 May 2014

eczema all of my life... skin picking all the time

This is my first post on this website, but the other parts I have read about people have made me feel a lot better. I now don't feel alone, which is what I know a lot of people are. I have had eczema all of my life, and got the same old shit you all have been told! "you will never grow out of it!" "there is no cure!" Which now I do believe (I'm 22). I will pick at anything that doesn't feel right, them rough dry scabs, the dry hard skin, spots the lot. I have only just started to realise that I am not only picking and scratching all the time I am eating what comes from it. I firmly believe that if I could control this, that itch that stupid feeling I get of satisfaction I get from ripping and tearing at my skin all the time. I thought I had found a better way to smooth the itch away, by using a hair drier, the only thing is I have become more addicted to using a hair drier now and it feel 100% better than a scratch. Does anyone else feel like this? Is it just actually me who gets this bad? Does anyone have any tips they could share with me to help? I have lost a lot of confidence, don't really like to go out. Hate seeing people when I know my akin isn't the best, and to make it worse I really don't even like to see my family when it's bad. Yet they have seen me all my life with it

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