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sajmai , 28 May 2014

Do men judge girls with marks?

I am so worried about my scars that I have dug a hole and have'nt been able to get out! I feel that the first thing men see are my scars....will I ever find someone who can look past what I have done to myslef. HELP ME!!! I just need some advice. If you have found someone please share your story or if you have been able to come to peace with your picking and have'nt let it control your life, please leave me some advice. Thanks friends.... By the way, I have not been on a date in over a year. I have held the secret for over 5 years and I am ready to let go and find love. I am 24 years old and feel that I have too much life ahead of me to let it all go down the drain. Please help!

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