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mamma , 29 Apr 2009

urge to pick is strong,,,,, maybe a 12 step program will help

today is my fifth day not picking. When i woke up this morning and went into the bathroom I just kept telling myself not to look at my arms..... So I put my contacts in and got out of the bathroom quickly!!! I was talking to my fiance last night about how I just want to not have the urge anymore. He mentioned that i just need to keep my nails cut but I only wish it was that simple : ) I know it is hard to understand this disease. I have a hard time understanding it so for someone that does not suffer from CSP it has to be even more difficult to understand. I hope that just for today I can resist the urge. I am going to cut my nails again today because I have to stay open minded and take any suggestion that works just for today. I would like to start a 12 step program for CSP. Maybe something like Skin Pickers Anonymous. The first step is admitting we have a problem. "We admitted we were powerless over our addiction, that our lives had become unmanageable". Get a sponsor; someone you can talk to personally over the phone, through email, and sometimes hopefully meet with in person. Maybe setting up some kind of instant message forum board to have a meeting online. Then we could share and tell our experience, strength and hope to eachother. I am not sure how to set up an online instant message chat room due to my lack of computer knowledge but I know it can be done. If anyone has any info on how we could do this please let me know. It could be added to this website. I might try to figure out who handles this website to ask if this could be done.
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April 30, 2009
that's funny, I used to cut my nails out cause I could feel less urges picking on my whole body it comes from itching and scratching but it is driving me crazy! I had one my arm with a bump but it goes down in a bit and so is my leg so it pretty much redish but I didn't pick at that spot thankfully for that. Make you you won't look at your arms but I keep looking at my arms to see if it's all gone or the scars I have in so many past years ago. This is a longest week I ever had in my life and I just got my day 6 this morning. Boy, this is so hard and trying not to urges picking but it really tough week I had to do. Hope this nails will cut and hopefully you won't picking anymore. I hates my long nails because it makes me wants pick more so I cut it out on my nails so it should makes me feel better.

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