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sajmai , 28 May 2014

Are there any other 20 year olds?? Want to start a 20s SP Support Group...

Hey guys! I am 24 and I have a skin picking problem. I have social anxiety because of my scars. I have been able to hide it for most of my youth, but the older I get, the harder it has become. I have pushed all my friends away and even some of my close family members. It started when I was about 14 and the issues at home only made things worse. I don;t get along with my dad because he was verbally and physically abusive. I pick my pimples, leaving scars on my face, chest and especially, my back! My back is my greatest insecurity and has become harder and harder to hide. I dont have any firends at this point because they assume that I am ignoring them or dont want to be firends anymore, but its really just me being afraid to show my back at the pool, beach or just any summer event. I feel trapped and just need some support. If anyone out there can become a support buddy, that would be awsome! Please send me your email so that we can start a support group! Thanks
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