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a1uM1nuM448 , 29 May 2014

Stop Before It Gets Worse...?

Hi.... ^^' Well you see.... I'm super excited to have fou d that there is a site like this and that there are women like me. I am 15 and i have had some major problems with picking at my arms and breasts since my dad lost his job and we've been moving around. So... since i was 12? Wow... 3 years... i guess it's not alot compared to most people here though! But.... It started with my arms in 6th grade. And then one day, i looked at my boob and there was a thing that looked like a black head, so i picked it. soon enough everyday before i took a shower, i had a boob-and-arm picking ritual. I haven't told either if my parents yet.... but i'm thinking now i should guce it a shot. After readinv alot if responces in the forums and such... i really dont want it to get worse. i feel like its already bad as it is but after hearing some stories.... anyways, i just need help stopping. Before it spirals out of control and... possibly takes over my life. I really dont want to admit that maybe thats what it is. A few minutes ago i STILL wasn't conviced it was a disorder. But... now i'm thinking What if it IS? In my case. The bumps are... well, kinda like zits. you pop'em and the white stuff comes out and then you just keep on doing it... and doing it..... I feel lije if i keep doing it, peoe will be ashamed of me. But maybe, putting myself under the influence if shame will help it go away? Maybe knowing that my grandma is would be worried about me or tgat my step mom will have one more horrible thing to tell people about me will make me want to stop. But i guess i wont know until i say something... right? I dont know.... But my boob zits? The thing i want to know is, when they are red, and they dont bleed, and you pop them, and it looks like there is a little mini deep hole where it was and it just keeps filling up with white stuff until it doesnt and the scars over? DOES that happen to anyone else? and around my nipples too... i try not to get to close to them. My arms arn't as bad right now, but sometimes it comes back. Also, i've started to use exfoliating stuff i use on my face and a cream called Noxema that makes it tingly and cold feeling (dunno if thats good or not) But after all of this... REALIZING that is goung on... i at least want some moral support if anything, just a little "Hang in there, you can do it! Don't let it control you!" ect...... would be nice. And anything, ANY advice on how to seek help or stop it on my own, please, you be really great.
3 Answers
May 30, 2014
Hey there! I'm 18 and i've been picking my skin for 4 years now. The worst is my back. Its totally scarred and full of red bumps. I can never wear shirts that show my skin. I also pick my face because its so easy to get to and of course, my breasts too. I'm really ashamed of it because I have deep holes (scars) on my chest and its embarrassing. I also pick my shoulders, and once I start, I can never start because I think it'll never get better. Recently, I've been picking my scalp to try and stop picking my back, but its not doing anything better for me. I know that I have a LOT of family issues and know I started to pick exactly when they came up. In your case, I don't know whats causing it, but then again, its just a simple pleasure we get from picking in the moment. I always told myself I would stop, but never actually put it in motion. I would promise myself in the morning I wouldn't pick, and then ten minutes late I'd give in and ruin my skin all over again. Lately I've been better. I stop for one day or two, then pick a little, then some more the following days, but then stop again. I have motivations to stop: trips to other countries, events where I need to wear dresses and have pictures taken... But sometimes I just dont care. Well, I think if we find a motivation to care enough, it will help a lot. I'm here if you need to talk, and tell me if you find a way to help with the progress of stopping. For me it was DONT have a mirror on your desk and DONT go to a mirror with the intention of picking. And if you touch your face and skin without a mirror (like I do with my back), do an activity that keeps your hands busy or go in public. I'll bake, walk my dog or organize the house. Homework is a killer. When I get bored (obviously when I do homework), I pick like crazy. Be careful then. Anyways, let me know if any of this helps! :)
June 02, 2014
Hey there! I am now 24 but my worse skin picking ever was when I was your age. The good news is : I still pick some but basically I am not addicted to it anymore and it is much more under control. When I was in high school it basically ruined my life. I didn't want to wear too short of sleeves, I spent hours picking and then covering it up with makeup, etc etc. In response to your question, YES, definitely try to quit now before the habit gets worse and worse. The longer you are doing it, the more addicting it gets. I tried every trick in the book as far as shaming myself into not doing it, but really the only thing that worked was changing my lifestyle. When I lived in the dorms and was around roommates all the time, I didn't do it as much because someone was always around. Still to this day I turn off the light in the bathroom and just use a night light if I am taking a shower at night, so that I don't even have the temptation. And most of the time I take showers in the morning so I am too rushed to stop and pick for too long. Anything that keeps you out of the bathroom or keeps you busy, do that! If telling people helps, do that too. I was personally always petrified of anyone finding out about my habit, but it might've helped to tell someone sooner. Anyways, definitely treat it as a disorder and take it seriously; I spent many years letting it take over my life.

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