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rmtrainer7 , 30 May 2014

Finally found something that works!

Tell somebody to hold you accountable for your actions! I told my mom that I needed her help in order to get control over my skin picking. It was difficult and embarrassing to admit to her but I knew that I needed help. I told her that I was going to keep a calender in my room and at the end of each day I was going to put either a green checkmark if I didn't pick or a red X if I did pick. I told her I wanted her to check it and make sure I was staying on track. Now I haven't been picking for 3 days straight because I don't want to embarrass myself in front of her or let her down with a red X. If you do this you have to be honest! If you mess up, immediately give yourself an X, you can even write the time you did it and why "stressed after work" so if there are any recurring patterns you can become more aware of them later. You can certainly do this in a private calender as well, that's what I used to do, but it doesn't work as well as when you know someone else is there looking at your progress. Does anyone else find logging or journaling helpful? How about telling a friend or family member about your problem- Was it difficult? Why did you do it?
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June 01, 2014
It seems like an amazing idea! I'll see if I can gather up enough courage to do the same :)
June 02, 2014
UPDATE: 5 days now without picking! All of the scabby spots on my face have healed and come off naturally and now my red marks are fading. I've also noticed that my acne/swollen areas are almost completely gone because I haven't been touching and irritating my face constantly! This is literally the first thing that has worked and I've tried just about everything. It helps if yoh are a prideful person or a perfectionist like me (which I believe a lot of us skin pickers tend to be). Instead of obsessing on trying to remove imperfections from my skin (and making it worse as a result) I am now focused on showing my mom that I can keep my word. If this continues to work I am going to celebrate by throwing away my foundation and concealer makeup. I'll never have to hide from natural light on my "bad days" and I will go swimming without having to make the condition of my face the deciding factor. I'll check in again on my 10th day and let you all know if I'm still going strong. I haven't gone longer than 7 days since I was about 13 and I am 22 now so that will definitely be a milestone.

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