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Oceangirl , 02 Jun 2014

New to this site & some background

Hello! I reside on the Westcoast of Canada. My more current issue is Dermatillomania. The nail biting started when I was (as far as I remember - 6), to biting off the skin from the inside of my mouth (which I still do) to picking my face, neck and shoulders. I do have unipolar depression but have been on medications that have worked; I was on Luvox for over 10 years @ 150 mg but I was finally told that my weight gain had been from the medication, therefore, I went onto Wellbutrin and have been stable for 6 years at 200 mg - yes, I am still taking the Luvox but only 50 mg...finally lost most of the weight I put on. Anyhow, I do agree that it is a compulsive disorder and mainly behaviour based. I read and agree that when I start, it seems calming but causes more anxiety because it is hard to stop. I work in an office and find it REALLY helps to wear make up, I rarely will pick...but once it comes of...oh boy! I find if my skin (sorry the scabs) is either too dry or my face is too oily...that's when I will pick away. The condition is very annoying because it is a vicious cycle of your skin having time to heal (when one is sleeping, or in my case, wearing make up) to...really?...urg! Have a wonderful evening!

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