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Shpadoinkle , 07 Jun 2014

Healing Tips

Hello, all. I have picked my skin for the past fifteen years and it is only until recently that I have been able to gain some sort of control of it. For years and years and years my skin has been picked raw and bloody. I have many scars to show for it and to say that I am ashamed and embarrassed would be an understatement. However, tired and fed up with my own self-destructive behavior, I've begun to employ my own treatment regimen that I think can maybe help others. First, I use band aids. For years I applied them to the scabs themselves but it was only a few weeks ago that I had the idea to apply the band aids to the tips of my index fingers. These fingers are primarily used in my picking so I wrapped up the very tips of them with band aids. The edge of the band aids should end a little further beyond your finger nail. This makes it very difficult to pick and scrap the skin. Use extra sticky band aids and replace them as often as necessary. You can also apply the band aids to more digits if you feel like it. I also use Bio Oil to treat my wounds and scars. It heals very quickly, soothes the skin, and fades the scars. I lather it on both morning and night. Sometimes more. I use this in conjunction with the band aids. Next, whenever I felt the urge to pick, I began to write down all the thing I hated about being a skin picker. My skin always being sore and tender, unable to wear bathing suits, being self-conscious in bed, not being able to wear backless dresses, feeling different and ashamed, feeling depressed, etc. After a few days, my skin began to heal and I no longer had anymore scabs. The scars were even beginning to fade. These days, if I ever have the urge to pick, I begin to make a list of everything I love about healing. My skin doesn't hurt, I more confident, my skin is smooth to the touch, I look forward to going to the beach more, I have a sens of pride now, etc. I don't wear the band aids anymore. Now, whenever my fingers start to roam,I visualize the list of everything I enjoy about my healing process and everything I hated about my skin picking and I consciously place my hands back in my lap. Because of this, my skin looks better than it ever has. I'm almost back to normal and I hope these little tricks can be useful to someone else.
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June 07, 2014
Good ideas! Thank you! I think I will try making a list next time my fingers start "window shopping"...

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