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toepicker , 10 Jun 2014

GOING NUTS PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been picking for years. But it's only my right foot and third toe. I just pick the toenail off. I will not mess with any other toe but this one. I have picked it so much, it hardly grows, and it has turned dark. I have tried everything to stop picking and when I could no longer pick my toe, I started picking with my husband feet. At first, he enjoyed me playing with his feet until one morning when he woke up he couldn't hardly walk, due to the fact I scrapped all his dead skin off his feet. Therefore, he no longers allows me to massage his feet (he claims if he allows me to pick his feet he is feeding into my addiction). My husband has made me put a fake toenail on it or band-aids. At night, when I'm watchcing television or lying in the bed, he makes me put on socks. He would catch me picking and that would be it. He is my biggest support but I need to talk to others that understands and going through the same. Today, I have a fake toenail on and it is killing me. My toenail keeps itching underneath and I am dying not to pluck this fake toenail off. Removing this toenail will dissapoint me and my husband, but it will definitely satisfy my urge. Need Help!!!!!

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