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rieito , 15 Jun 2014

New here. Biting inside of cheeks?

I recently learned about Trichotillomania and I immediately related to it. Except not with hair pulling. Ever since I was a kid I have picked at my skin. I think it started with picking at scabs from bug bites (which I still do) and I remember it progressing to picking at my forehead. Ever since then I haven't been able to stop, I'm constantly searching my body without even knowing it looking for bumps and scabs. I remember people always telling me to stop and I think thats when I started biting at my cheeks, because people couldn't see it. There are 3 main spots I bite, to the point where they bleed and it hurts to eat. I can be watching tv and then realize that my cheeks are bleeding. Most of the information I've read on skin picking is about external picking, a lot of my picking is external but I really want to know if anyone else bites and their cheeks. I remember going to the dentist once and having him ask me about it because they were so inflamed and my lips were all puffy and sore. I remember lying about it. I've read about people playing with toys to keep their hands occupied to stop picking but if I do that I just end up biting my cheeks. So either way I'm almost always picking. If anyone else does this I would really love to hear back. Thank you.
2 Answers
July 11, 2014
I do this too, try chewing gum or something like that. When I get really bad and notice it I usually just put something in my mouth so that I'll chew on that instead
July 17, 2014
I started biting my cheeks til they bled when I was around 5 or 6 yrs old. I upgraded to picking at my skin. :/ I still bite my cheeks but not in a damaging way. I try to only bite the dead skin that doesn't hurt and not really dig into them. No matter what you do I believe it is all part of the same disorder-- we are doing it for the same reason whether we bite are cheeks, pick at the skin around our nails, or pick at pimples and blemishes. Anxiety driven-- try deep breaths. Have you tried sucking on ice? This may keep your mouth busy and help your cheeks heal! Just an idea. Good luck!

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