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toadhall , 29 Apr 2009

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I picked my face for years. I was able to quit be keeping acrylic nails on. They are thicker and the edges are more rounded, making picking far more difficult...they slip when trying to do extractions and aren't thick enough to peel or slough scabs. Eventually, the picking became less and less satisfying. It is very important to keep regular appointment with a manicurist soon as the nails start to beak or losen, you have another wonderful thing to pick, bite, chew, etc.
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April 30, 2009
I am going to make an appointment!!!! I did have acrylic nails on for years. I stopped last year because it became to expensive but now that my finances are a bit more stable I am going to start getting my nails done again. I remember that it did prevent, to some degree, the damage done. I am still able to squeeze with the acrylic nails on but I can't break the skin as much. Thanks for the tip!

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