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skinbiter1212 , 16 Jun 2014

im 14 and i eat the skin around my nails

im 14, and for as long as i can remeber i have been picking and eating the skin around my nails. my mom thinks it is embarassing but i dont know how to stop. i do it in school and people make fun of me for it. my fingers are red, bloody, and discolored. they hurt o was in warm water and even to type this forum now. i also bit the inside of my mouth and lips. i really need someone to talk to about this. i wish i couldp ost a picture to show you guys but i cant. if anyone has a way to stop this please let me know. thanks
1 Answer
July 11, 2014
Hey, I do the same thing as well (I'm sure you would understand my hatred for hand sanitizer) if you want to talk to me you can. I haven't been very successful in stopping permanently, but I find that painting my nails helps sometimes as I'll pick at the nail polish instead of my fingers. Trying to keep your hands busy with other things might also help. I'm going to buy a spinner ring in hopes that it will help keep mine busy

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