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petra , 21 Jun 2014

Vitamins Gone, Skin Clear!

I started taking vitamins and organic foods/ products about two years ago thinking I'm doing something healthy and good for myself. Broke out so bad in pimples/blackheads, oily/flaky skin and of course I couldn't stop picking. My skin was clear before this. I couldn't figure out why I was breaking out, until I did a year later. Long story short, I dumped everything in the garbage. The products that really messed my skin up were, NAC (Didn't help with the picking anyways), vitamin b6, b12 and A. Multivitamins- never again! Thayers, Rose Petal Witch Hazel, Fish oil, biotin, Coconut Oil and Ginseng. About a week later my skin went back to normal and no more breakouts.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "Why Do Most Organic Skin Care Products Contain So Many Oils??" Interesting article. Do your own research on vitamins and organic products. I find myself not picking if I don't break out.

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