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AlwaysAPicker , 23 Jun 2014

Picking at my pimples

Hey guys. I'm a 27 year old female and I've had acne for many years. I stopped using all chemical laden products in skincare in December and since going the "all natural" route, my skin has been the worst it's ever been. It's getting better now, but I always have the tendency to pop pimples which in turn, looks worse than it did before. It's so frustrating, but I'm sure you can understand how it feels to see awful pimples on your face and just want them gone. I've always picked at pimples and always regret it after. It really is a vicious cycle. Anyway, any advice/tips would be super helpful. Thanks and God bless :)
3 Answers
June 25, 2014
I had a problem with touching my acne. I went to Korea and saw a product that you stick to keep you from picking. The patches/dots contain hydrocolloid and it kept me from not only touching them, but also allowed it to heal (extra bonus). I tried probably all the similar products in the states that are imported from China, but most just didn't STAY ON because the adhesive wasn't strong and it was really visible on my face. But I found some very recently manufactured in the states - Cover-Dot Acne Dots from Smartmed. They're like MAGIC! It really stays on and it's almost clear unlike the other ones that claim to be clear. The price is a bit higher than the ones from other companies, but totally worth it because stays on and it's waterproof. I was completely skeptical, but it really works and best of all, it keeps you from picking at your acne. Hope that helps. Goodluck!
June 27, 2014
You need to go to a dermatologist and get some good medicine for your acne. Having no pimples will alleviate your picking problem. :)
August 19, 2014
There are many natural medicines which can be used to get rid of acne without any side effect i suggest not use any artificial product just go on to natural therapy for more visit .

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