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truedivinity , 25 Jun 2014

How I cure my Dermatophagia- temporarily

As you know, I have dealt with this compulsive habit of biting my finger skin my whole life. Its annoying, unflattering, and my husband finds it gross. But, I have managed to find something to get me to stop, and its a simple as going to the nail salon. I notice that I initially bite my skin around the nail when Im under stress or faced with a life changing decision. After the initial bite, the frayed skin becomes annoying and then I try to bite away the uneven skin. The more I bite the worse the skin gets, thus creating a vicious skin biting cycle. I found that if I go to the nail salon (after getting over how embarassing my fingers look), and have them do a a full set, I stop biting nails and skin entirely. A full set are the fake acrylic nails they attach to you nail beds. For some reason, if I have a full set I feel they hinder my ability to get at the fingers. I also take more pride in my fingers when they look pretty and dont want to destroy them by biting around them. This works for me (until I have the full set removed). If I take the full set off for too long I go right back to biting my fingers again. Try it out. Its worth a try. This at least gives me semi permanent relief and a chance for my fingers to heal.

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