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fixmyface214 , 27 Jun 2014

Have you been picking at your face? help here.

I don't always pick at my face. But when I do I mess it all up! My forehead was covered with painful sores from picking At it! I kept trying different medicines and oils and creams on it trying to make it heal and as you can probably guess it made it worse. So I decided I was going to try to put saline on it. Thankfully I have children and had some saline mist on hand. It is the little remedies stuff. It is just pure saline. No other additives. I washed my face with some Simple (face soap brand) and misted my forehead with it and pulled my hair up and off my forehead and let it dry. Be careful to not get into your eyes because it may burn. I also unscrewed the light bulbs above my mirror in my bathroom so I wouldn't be tempted to mess with it again. I waited a cpl hours and misted it again. Then again a cpl hours after that. Now all of the marks have shrank to half the initial size and don't hurt anymore. I hope this helps someone. It was the beat idea I have had for my face! I feel so much better!

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