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KickinPickinGirl , 02 Jul 2014


Hi everyone, I'm 28, single female from NJ & def a CSP! So I've been picking on&off since my teens. As I got older so has my picking for sure! I used to be on the pill for my birth control soon as I got my period so I never really had any acne problems till I was 26, when I switch b.c. methods. Man oh man acne rocked my world! :( Anyway, the past year my picking went from bad to extremely awful! I pick at my face, neck, shoulders, back, arms, & legs. Basically any place I can reach. Sad thing is, there doesn't even need to be anything visible there. I'll just run my finger tips over my skin, feel for imperfections like anything raised, bumpy, or old scabs just to pick or scratch it off. This past weekend I had my sons bday party outside, geez I was so nervous. First thing EACH PERSON SAYS SOMETHING REGARDING MY SKIN CONDITION in some shape or form was: Omg what happened to your skin? Do you have chicken pox? < that person yelled across yard to me! :( Are you on any meds that make u itch? Go to the dr! Damn did the Mosquitos get you?! Probably stress? Even my kids say: y do u have so many booboos mommy? This was honestly the most humiliated I've EVER BEEN in regards to my picking!!! Which caused me to do 3 things!! #1..Go inside and pick every possible single lil thing all over my body for the next 3 days!! :( #.. 2 Look into this hell problem I have for some help. Which is how I found this site. #3.. Admit to myself & my mother about problem. The crazy part of about this is I've been dealing w this for years but I've also told 3 different Drs about it with nothing but brush offs from them. So I am committed to try my best. That is all I can do to kick the pickin. 1 step at a time. Thank u for reading. Any advice n comments are welcome.

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