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amgoingtochange , 03 Jul 2014

I have stopped you can too here is how-share success stories here

Great news...I was a really bad picker for years and I am just after posting on another forum on how I stopped. I have stopped for almost two years - give or take a couple of minor picking sessions....try this... 1. Stop cleaning face at all at night. Leave make up on and skin will deal with dirt itself. In morning just wipe with witch hazel oil and reapply make up 2. Tie back hair 3. Get fresh air 4. Drink some water every day 5. Cut nails really short 6. Get rid of mirrors and tweezers. I did this and this helped me kick habit. I don't cover mirrors anymore I just don't have one in my bathroom just bedroom which is not a private space for me. If it is a private space for you get rid of mirror for good...only have mirror where other people might see you cos you won't want to risk being caught picking. 7. Do not set 30 day day at time...just don't pick one day then the next etc. then you won't fail....just get better at not doing it. Do not relapse today and tomorrow is new day. Every one day is a success you want to kick this for life not just 30 days

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