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Sage , 08 Jul 2014

An amazing way to reduce swelling and redness overnight-even speeds healing

NO THIS IS NOT SPAM or an ad! I'm a picker, have been for years. I started using aloe vera several years ago to help my face get better, then I had another idea; I would cut off part of an aloe vera leaf-usually about 4 to 5 inches long. I would use a KNIFE, not scissors. Then I would trim the pointy edges of the leaf, basically I'd cut off the very tip (about an inch or two), slice off the prickly parts on the outside edges, then you are left with a leaf that has a thin line of pulp/inside exposed on all four sides. Insert a knife sideways and slice the leaf long ways to where you now have the front of the leaf and the bottom side of the leaf as two separate pieces and all the inner pulp and soft squishy cool healing juice is slowly forming beads. Right before bed, (if you just MUST, then...after picking) I would use Aveeno body or face wash that has NO SOAP. Don't use a medicated soap or BP either, not for this treatment. So I wash GENTLY with the no -soap stuff and dry off. Let my skin rest for about a minute, then I slather one of the leaf pieces all over my face or wherever else the picking has gotten out of control. Be careful not to get any on your lips, it won't hurt you, but it tastes very bitter. So I let my face dry for like 15 minutes, it's almost like a facial mask on your skin. Then right before bed, I place a glop of neosporin ointment on each one of the bad red and inflamed parts then I go to sleep. The next morning, OMG, the swelling is practically nothing and a LOT of the red is gone. It seems also to shrink the area where the eruption is, it seems smaller. I would then wash my face (I NEVER used a wash cloth or anything to scrub my face, just my hands, non-soap and water) in non-soap again and then put on my make up and begin my day. I also found that stopping the soda and caffeine seemed to keep my anxiety down a bit lower so I wasn't as prone to picking. I REALLY HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE! Oh, yeah the other half of the aloe leaf was put in a ziplock into the frig for the treatment the next night! -Sage
1 Answer
July 08, 2014
Yes, it's left on your face all night. A layer of aloe vera followed by glops of neosporin.

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