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lotusflower , 02 May 2009

Scar treatments or products? Anyone?

I have accumulated a huge number of scars on my arms and it has gotten to the point where I cant even wear a t-shirt let alone a tank top. Summer will be here soon and I don't want to worry all summer about making sure my arms are covered up and making up excuses about why I can't go to the beach. Sometimes when it's really really hot out I don't even go outside because I have to wear long sleeves and I just cant handle the heat. I have collapsed a couple times in the summer when I was out on a hot day and I was waay over dressed, but I didn't really have a choice. Does anyone know of any effective treatments or products to clear up scars or make them less noticeable? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
5 Answers
May 04, 2009
lotusflower, Maderma cream is most recomended by my doctor for scar fading. hope it helps.
July 10, 2009

In reply to by gypsyrose

I just recommended Bio Oil to whoopsydaisies post. I tried it on my face, I would not recommend it if you get spots! Because the oil made them worse however on other parts of my body it makes the skin really soft and it's meant to be brilliant for stretch marks. Although you have to use it for a few months to see effects but I think this could be a way for Bio Oil to make more money!!!
July 10, 2009
Derma E's Scar Gel ( is cheapest). Derma E's Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme ( Desert Essence's Thoroughly Clean Face Wash ( ANYTHING with Tea Tree Oil. Jason's Tea Tree Hand and Face Wash and/or Body Wash ( have used both of them as shampoo as well and they are amazing!
July 29, 2009
try palmer's skin therapy oil ( massage it into the problem areas 3 times a day. it makes the skin really soft, i have used it on my legs and arms and the scars on my arms have substantially faded. also, the scars on my legs (which will take longer my doctor said) i can tell are on their way to getting better. just keep up with it! you should find it at target or any supply store that sells palmer's products. it's about $8-10. good luck! xx

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