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Gotta_stop , 12 Jul 2014

Scratching picking and eating.... Oh my

Holy crap, does it feel good to know i am not alone. I will pick at anything until it become a scab and then pick the scab so many times that I cannot wear shorts or tank tops during the summer. I lay in bed every night, it a trance almost, just searching my thighs and butt. All of my sheets and blankets are all stained with blood speckles. I get alot of pimples on my face and pick them and end up having them for soooooo long. It cannot seem normal to the people I work with! Oh dear, but the scabs on my head have finally gone away. I used to have them as a kid really bad. 7 or 8 huge scabs and the hair would all come out from pulling out the scabs. Then whispy little patches would grow back in and stick straight up. I remember as a kid going to get my hair cut, begging my mom to not make me go (but not explaining why) and the beautician calling my mom over to see my scalp. It was so embarrassing. At some point the healed up. Then .., for some reason at 31 I started picking again! And had about 5 chunky scabs that I picked on my way to work and as a reward on my way home. But my friend got married and I had to let them heal up because I was going to have my hair professionally done. It was sooooo HARD to not pick but in about 3 days they healed up! Now my butt? That is a whole different story.... It's so scarred and terrible. It's just terrible. Some embarrassing! My husband loves me and knows I have a problem. I started using a salacylic acid wash on my face and when I am done I wipe soap on my butt and it seems to be helping. If I could just stop getting the pimples, I would have nothing to pick at! And I eat my boogers. I am sooooo embarrassed that I cannot even elaborate.
2 Answers
July 31, 2014
You are not alone. The bugger situation I have it sometimes, but it is something I do on a regular basis. Now the scalp is a different story. I started when I was 9 or ten. Who l knows. As today I am 44 and soon I will be 45. Meditation has helped me a big deal but I have stopped meditating as regularity is not my forte. As I am writing I feel like picking my scalp but I rather finish my reply to you. It is time for me to go to bed. See you around. Think that there is many people struggling with this. Hugs
August 16, 2014
I also have problems with picking at scabs on my butt cheek or around my hips. It feels good when I do it but I feel so disgusted after and try to fix it by cleaning it and rubbing it with antibiotic ointment. I have lots of pink scars all over and I'm seriously getting tired of doing this to myself. I just want to stop

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