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TooEmbarrassed… , 14 Jul 2014

Any Remedies for Nipple Soreness?

Hi, I created an account here because no matter how I searched for one on Google, I never got even one result anywhere near the problem I have. I always had a problem with picking at myself (which has been getting a bit better), but because of the nature of the way I did it I still have a problem that hasn't healed in years. When I was about 14 or so (I'm about to turn 20 in a couple months), I one night found myself in the bathroom picking at myself. For whatever reason, I payed a special amount of attention to my breasts, picking at the skin of the tip of the nipples (not even the montgomery glands like a normal person :P). I curiously looked deeply at the skin inside the nipples and thought there was something odd with it. I picked it out, from both nipples, especially the right one, only to finally feel any significant amount of pain a few minutes afterwards. (I provided a link below to a crude drawing I made if you're confused from what exactly I mean.) I haven't picked at them like that since, but I still sometimes feel pain there and the skin is still pinker than the rest. Especially when they're tender from what I guess menstrual cycles, or when they rub against clothing too much. Though I admit, I haven't done much to help the problem, maybe even worsened it. I like to rub them to feel aroused... >.< I can't help it, but I feel so ashamed! I searched for answers to my situation before, but I can never get any definite results. And now that I have a boyfriend for the first time ever, I realized that I'm now kinda panicking about this whole mess even more... Other than stopping from rubbing them so much, are there any other possible solutions? Anyone else with this problem? I did make a habit of rubbing a mixture of oils onto them before I go to bed most nights. Also, I don't rub on them as much as I used to... I think they may have gotten a little better, but I don't feel like they have any significant amount to claim what I've been doing at all effective. Here's the Dropbox link:

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