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freedomfighter , 27 Jul 2014

Ultimate fix

Hi ladies and gents, I'm new here. I've been picking my skin on and off to varying degrees for over 10 years now. I desperately want to stop but as soon as I start making real progress, the fingers come out and I sabotage myself by making huge craters on my face where there would be only a bump. This is extremely frustrating as I know I've done some really bad damage and want to not have to wear makeup everyday to face the world. Does anyone know what methods/treatments I could use to help years of scarring turn (slowly I understand) back into the clarified all one colour not patchy looking fresh skin? I'm desperate to finish this problem once and for all. I'm so embarrassed. I hate getting close to boys/men because when I eventually get to some sort of serious stage, there will come the time where I have to show my bare face. Please help! Thanks in advance :)
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July 31, 2014
My advice is to try opening up to someone about it. Try even letting someone see your bare face. Makeup probably just makes the issue worse (giving you more breakouts) and it gives you a false sense of recovery by making your skin look smooth/clear. You've already found & posted to this website, which is a huge step! I think admitting to yourself that you have a problem, seeking advice, & becoming more aware of the issue are the biggest steps. Seeing a psychologist could be a big help if you're up for it. Remember that this is a psychological issue/ingrained habit that you are trying to get over, and that it is not just a physical problem (aiming for clear skin is not the answer). Become more aware of when you pick your skin & why you do it. Try keeping a written log of when, where, how long, & what thoughts you are having when you pick. Hopefully this will make you more mindful and could help you stop (or at least slow down) the habit (this has really helped me a lot).

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