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nicisme , 28 Jul 2014

mom trying not to pass it to kids

Its funny I thought that I was the only one who suffered through this I have had acne sense about 11 years old its always been the thing to pop the white heads then moved to the black heads now I find myself digging holes into my face not only that but its on my arms legs intimate places I am so sick of looking in the mirror and all I see are the bumps and scars. Today was the last straw I had a bad white head on my chin and now it’s a big hole I didn’t mean to make it a hole but I thought if I just get the stuff out it will be better that plan didn’t work out I am hoping by writing this down and posting it I will finally start to get better . My biggest fear is that my kids will do the same as mommy .I will not let this happen . They are beautiful kids I would feel so horrible if I saw a hole on there face I could not live with myself. So here is my promise to my self everyday I am going to post on here my progress of healing. I am going to find people who are suffering with this like AI am to talk to I am going to get my acne under control for my husband and my kids I will understand that I am worth more and will stop hurting my self I am GOING to stop picking my body apart Thank you for this forum for giving me the chance to write this down and hopefully help me keep my promise not only for me but my family.
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July 28, 2014
got through the morring without looking in the mirror once thats a start
August 19, 2014
I am a mom of an 11 month old and I worry that she will see me and pick up the habit/disorder too. Good for you for starting your healing process. I'm starting mine too!
September 02, 2014

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I hope you are staying strong i ha e a three year old daughter and have found if we do our nails together paint them and then do some. Ail art i am less likely to pick cuz i dont want to mess up our hard work thought i would share that its helped my healing.
August 31, 2014
I hope you are still checking in and I will pray for your progress to be rid of this habit. Me too I don't want to pass it to my children nor do I want them to see me in the midst of picking. I like feeling beautiful in front of my husband. I am so grateful skin is designed to heal, that there is a chance it can heal when left alone. It would be much worse if all the holes I have made didn't go away! That is the beauty of creation. I have taken it for granted. We are all part of God's beautiful creation. Even with the little imperfections that trail our self-inflicted hurts, we have retained much more loveliness that is seen when we step back and take our focus off the problem. Lets help each other stay motivated!
September 02, 2014
I have not been so good with the no picking but have gotten better i have gone about a month with no big holes in me i am now able to stop before i have caused a big holeits so hard not to pick when its sitting right there as soon as i notice a zit ingrown hair or anything i make it feel like its throb. I know this is in my head i know that i see more than anyone else the feeling is like when you notice a bug on you and you get all crawly dose anyone else get that if so how do you stop the throb also anyone out there know of a cheep way to help acne ihave a very small budget for creams and medicine a good home remedy is what I am looking for something i can do daily thanks to all who read this and have commented on my thread reminds me that i am not a freak i am not alone in this fight to better my self

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