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nicisme , 29 Jul 2014

Stress and control

Why is it when we get stressed we feel the need go pick is it the control we seek or is it our coping mechanism what is the link between heartaches and self induced pain I don't mean to hurt my face neck and arms but sometimes it seems to be the only thing I have control over what are something other people do to cope with the stress and not pick
1 Answer
July 30, 2014
I do it to have control.... or just to escape. It's a hard habit to kick, but I've found that having someone to truly open up to really helps. Having someone I can unashamedly tell all of this to (whether its a significant other, a close friend/family member, or a therapist) has probably been the thing that has helped me the most so far. For over a decade I was ashamed to really talk to anyone about my picking habits. I would brush it off and say I'm getting better, to leave me alone, etc. But I think that made the problem worse. So I really recommend finding someone to talk to. On another note (in case the previous advice doesn't help)-- I've found that having something to occupy my idle hands has helped a lot as well. I will often read a book/magazine, knit, paint my nails, play with a beaded bracelet or smooth ring that I wear all the time.... just something to keep my fingers busy and off of my arms (where I tend to pick most).

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