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tiredofthescars , 31 Jul 2014


Does anyone experience genuine ITCHING which leads to discoveries of skin imperfections which then leads to the picking, only for the cycle to repeat when the scabs start itching? Also, I don't think I experience any relief for on the picking as many have described, so WHY do I do it?
1 Answer
August 04, 2014
I used to pretend (to others, as well as to myself) that my arms were itchy and that was why I picked at my arms. And I truly believed that they were itchy. I now know that I was just giving myself an excuse to scratch/pick.... & an excuse to give to people who asked about my scabs. I'm not saying that's the case with you, but I think it may be something for you to think about. Even though you don't feel the 'relief' that others are talking about, you do seem to pick because you want to get rid of the bumps/imperfections you find on your skin. While you are in the act of picking you probably have some sense of relief that the imperfections are going away (even though the bumps do end up looking worse, & even though you may feels worse after seeing them).

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