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Anonymousgirlperson , 07 Aug 2014

Has anyone else focused on picking different areas at different times in their lives?

So I'll get these obsessions to pick different parts of my body that can last a long time-the most I've had is two years. I'll focus on one body part exclusively for a long time, and then move on to another. There have also been times when I did not pick at all(or maybe just a little, but not excessively) but then usually there will be some kind of life even that makes me upset and then I'll start again and can't stop. I was wondering if it is like that for any of you guys? what have you picked at, and are there some areas you pick more than others?
1 Answer
August 19, 2014
when i was in the Military i avoided my feet because i was in the navy and water makes it show so i was more scared of doing it then anything not even boot camp really stopped me from doing it i still had to stop myself. I still picked my hands but I tended to stop when I was at work because i was surrounded by people constantly and was never alone most of the time. it would bother me if they said anything about it. I could usually stop myself till I would notice no was around and i would finally let the stress out from the day or I would start daydreaming out of boredom on watch at night a problem i had to deal with constantly because it requires 100% of you attention and I got in trouble once because of it when i was new. I got out honorably recently after 5 years and I having been trying to stop myself i have a couple close friends i have told one who has the same problem i have known about his since we were kids and never said anything because i have the same problem. hopefully me and my friend can both work through the problem i am still debating on telling some of my family they know I think but they have never really bothered me about it plus they stress me out some times with drama so i have been reluctant on saying anything to anyone but my sister who I get along with best. my only solution for my feet so far is to never take off my socks if i don't have too and always have a clean pair around so i never have a reason to take them off.

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