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XXXX , 23 Aug 2014

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I have been picking for 9 years and Im young! 23. Its keeps me from doing things with my friends and family because I am just so uncomfortable. I finally realized whats the point of life if Im hiding all the time?! Im glad that came to realization and I tried everything it seemed to stop. So I decided I would atleast cover it up when I go out, so I would go out. I found Cassandra Bankson, look her up on youtube if you pick at your face. She will show you how to apply makeup and on tips for what to do when ur makeup comes off. That helped with my social life, family, friends, relationships because I would be scared to leave the house. Although I was doing nothing for myself referring to picking, that was just so I felt comfortable throughout the day. So I tried covering up Mirrors, among many other things other people have tried that I read online. Tried every face routine imaginable, it felt like. I finally shared it this problem with my mom and boyfriend, embarrassing right? The reason its most embarrassing to me is that I have a problem that I hate about myself but I dont know how to stop! But it helps to have support, people to talk to about it. I finally was working on it very hard for the past 2 years, just trying to catch myself in the mirror and getting myself to stop, or not even looking in the mirror. I went from picking for hours in the mirror before bed to 1/2-1 hour. Which makes a huge difference. It help that I finally found a routine that cleared my face up, which my skin is not bad, I make it bad but it seemed to clean up my mess. I always use Aveeno Skin Calming makeup removers which i get from CVS, Clinique Acne Solutions cleanser, and Garnier blackhead eliminating cleanser, Witch hazel as toner you can also get from CVS (this is the only toner I found that will help heal cuts and blemishes without making them worse such as burning and scarring), then Clinique Acne solutions step 3 (which I just put on areas I breakout), Clinique Acne Solution Spot treatment on my actual breakouts and then depending on how my skin looks that day I will use Cortizone on any redness from picking and Antibacterial cream on any deep cuts, then finally Clinique Dramatically Different Mosturizer. I also will sometimes use Clinique Overnight Turnaround or baking soda as a deeper exfoliator (do not push hard when exfoliting) My pimples stopped coming and it made me stop picking. I do however still have blackheads which are tuff not to pick at, or the random pimple which i want to pop then I pick my whole face up. I have just missed to much and held back from things I have always wanted to do and Its tuff to miss out on once in a lifetime things just because your uncomfortable with something you did to yourself. I want to stop but professional help is not really something I want to do, Id rather try it on my own. I finally found which many psychologists practice is the habit reversal training. To sum it up, I was a a severe picture making skin terrible using tweezers and anything else I could find, making gouges in my skin and hiding from the world, not going to work, school, hanging out with friends. I finally shared with family my problem, talked about it with them which was helpful, avoiding mirrors before bed and just using self control if im picking while im watching TV or something, and finding a sturdy skin routine which I found is recommended as well. Then I was only picking 1/2-1 hour a couple times a week. And I think my next step to completely eliminate this will be the habit reversal training that im gonna try on my own! I hope this helped, i remember looking on here for akin routines when I was at my worse point and I didn't find much. I also recommend using Mario Badescu masks, there is one called Silver Powder for blackheads and a Healing and soothing mask for the days you might pick or your skin is breaking out just because. Also I will dab Calamine lotion on pimple that are just there or that I popped and leave it on overnight, this seems to help heal them Quicker as well. This is very scattered but I hope it helps, it also helps me to share.

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