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Tjwantsclearskin , 23 Aug 2014

Sulfur and never healing reoccuring acne/skin

Adult Acnomel with 8% sulfur cleared my acne/skin issues!! I've tried everything and this actually worked. I read on a thread about sulfur and how it was clearing up some problems for some. I found this at Rite Aid and thought what the heck it's cheap It's worth a try... After 3 days my terrible spots on my face were healed up! These had been on my face for about a month. Every time I thought they were healed they would start itching and recreate all over again. I've had this problem for years. After using this I'm 7 days clear!! I won't say this is a cure all for everyone and every problem but it worked for me and I've been searching for a long time.
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August 31, 2014
1) I'm using an organic face cleaner made by Suzanne Somers... 2) zinc oxide ( 20%) on each sore just to cover .. this seems to calm down the itching then 3) Adult Acnomel - (8% sulfur) a thin coat and built up with another thin coat. The little white plugs are still there but my skin is healing around them. Before the sores wouldn't close up. Now they are. I wish I could figure out exactly what causes them.. but I guess it could be a combo of many things. I've researched so long and reviewed so many reasons I've given up for now on finding out why they begin.
September 03, 2014

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This regimen is till working....after a shower or washing my face I can see the little white plugs but instead of extracting them I cover them with zinc oxide and Acnomel. The next day the skin is healing over them. Each day they are getting better. The zinc calms down the itching and works fab because without the itching I don't pick. I love having nicer skin and it's no picked red marks that are embarrassing... I will keep doing what works!! Thanks everyone for the tips!
September 06, 2014

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I had a little set back yesterday. I had one place that developed a thin scab which is okay it was healing. Today it began itching again and this plug thing was visible. These are white rubbery stretchy and the skin really won't grow over the area. I pulled it out with tweezers ( i did ask to use them and hubby got them from the safe ). The area around looked like it was healing. Then later in the day another spot inside the same sore started itching and it was swollen. Weird because I made sure I did not squeeze at all. Also another plug... and after looking there was another plug. I pulled all out 3 with tweezers. Very carefully and trying not to damage any skin. Covered these with zinc oxide and acnomel right afterward. These things are disgusting!! I wish I knew what they were. They seem attached so I have to move them with the tweezers to loosen them and then they release. WTF are these? This morning the place seems to be much better and smaller and healing. I also purchased some sulfer and oxide soap to use a couple of times a week. I also started using a moisture mask for 20 minutes on Thursday nights... Maybe this brought them to the surface? Ugh. I'm having luck with healing I just wish I knew how to keep them from happening. I also am cleaning up my diet this week again to see if that helps. I may have snacked too much last week and created some inflammation.
September 09, 2014

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Three days later and the spots were still messy looking... healing but very slow. One new place right in the middle of my cheek. Same scenario. Itchy bump so I scratched the top off carefully. Once the skin on top is disrupted it doesn't heal. It grows into a scab. even if I don't pick at it. I may rub it some because it itches. This one I've kept covered with zinc and acnomel. It also started the swelling below the surface. No sign of a pimple white place on the top... just itchy raw swollen bump. After it forms a scab the scab is soft and comes off easily when I take a shower and then wash my face. Since the others were healing but not fast I purchased some Curad Silver solution first aid antimicrobial gel. I read somewhere someone had luck with it. I put it on each sore and then all over my face last night. The next morning the redness was down 50%. I do have a few acne pimples once in a while but not very often. These places do not act like a pimple at all. I'm wondering now if I should have them looked at by a dr who can do a biopsy. ?
September 10, 2014

In reply to by Tjwantsclearskin

Going to a dermatologist could be would be added accountability too. They can probably tell just by looking what's going on, or by some tests if there is any bigger issue. They could give you the right creams and you could follow up to make sure things are healing as they should. Just be straightforward about what you are looking for and the kind of privacy you want with the doctor. One time I went in to a dermatologist who measured the size of the bandaid mark AROUND my picked pimple spot. Then he asked his assistant to write it down in the medical record. Like the size of the bandaid mattered!! He had on giant bifocals and gave me the creeps. With him was a medical student who was there to observe. I was mortified and asked the medical student to leave, and I was so embarrassed about that too. But I have had a much better experience with my current dermatologist, who is a woman and more empathetic and understanding with my confessions about picking. I hope you can find a solution to allow your skin to heal and display the beauty you have!
September 11, 2014

In reply to by healinghands

Thanks Healinghands... i'm looking into dermatologist in this area. I'm a little whacked out by these things. I realized last night these holes are already there in the beginning. Like when I first scratch... I never dig or mash. Then like this morning after my shower this place oozed a clear fluid and looking I could see a small hole. These places never heal until I can see a white plug looking thing and extract it with tweezers. Then only then does the hole close and the place immediately begins to heal and will go away within a few days. It may or may not start itching again. How am I going to explain that to a dermatologist? I went to my medical Dr yesterday for bloodwork, just routine three month check up. Her nurse asked me some questions and I mentioned the sore on my face. She told me she worked for a dermatologist for years. I explained it wouldn't go away until about 2 weeks and wasn't like a pimple. I didn't explain the whole scenario. She looked at it and said... "sweetie don't touch it and let it heal." ugh... what i wanted to tell her was. Well in about a week... this white worm looking thing will appear in this hole. I will pull it out with tweezers and then it will heal immediately. But until then it will just ooze and make a soft scab. So for now I will keep it covered with zinc and acnomel. But I didn't say anything :-( :-(
September 21, 2014

In reply to by Tjwantsclearskin

Wow... I am shocked there are other ppl dealing with this. What do we do!? No dermatologist can help or believe me then who can.. Do you ever feel these spots refill with sebum and will not heal unless squeezed? I've had spits that don't heal for 6 months unless I squeeze the living piss out of it and untrap the clog.... They would literally be on my face for life as they never "come to a head" like normal pimples would and should. I want to die..

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