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mace760 , 02 Sep 2014


So I posted a while back that I had a derm doc that had seen the non-healing sores and new how to treat. While that may be true for some types, it isn't working for me. It just happens that I am on peritoneal dialysis and had gotten colitis in January '14 followed by worsening health and five visits to the hospital in seven months. Even now my health is failing still faster. Through all that I had to have a drain tube in the left side of the chest to remove fluid. That side dried out and two weeks later (in May) I had to have the right side tapped with a drain tube that has been there since. The tube allows draining of random fluid that collects there and lets me breath. Now the kidney doc had been thinking there is a hole in the abdomen that leaks the fluid. Just recently I drained out some chest fluid and noticed a string like piece. I had one before out of the abdomen and was told it was fibrin (i.e. random tissue). I had set the drain bottle aside to clean up the supplies and when I went to examine the bottle to make sure there was no other gunk, etc; The 'string' was now a 'ball'. RED FLAG!!! Had it been random tissue it would have floated around aimlessly. So I started watching that drain bottle and one other. After a time, I saw one turn into bloody mucus then a pink two tailed string looking thing and finally a flat type worm. The other expanded in to clear mucus then an almost clear puff ball about golf ball size and then tightened up like the top of a q-tip. Had I not seen it, I would not believe it. Short version is AMOEBAS. Read some here and also search Google for SHAPE SHIFTING AMOEBAS. There is a video. Skin lesions: Most of the lesions begin as deep abscesses, which rupture and form ulcerations with distinct raised , cord-like and thickened edges , surrounded by an erythematous halo . The base of the ulcer is covered with necrotic tissue and hemopurulent pus in which amoebae are present. Cutaneous Amoebiasis develops when invasive amoebae escape from the bowel to skin mainly on the trunk, abdomen, external genitalia and buttocks. Cutaneous Amoebiasis can spread very rapidly and may terminate fatally, so early diagnosis and treatment is important. A solitary lesion may be mistaken for an epithelioma, tuberculosis and verrucosa cutis. ------------- Most people won't be able to get a sample the same way I did, but do the research. If it fits, be persistent. Many things make sense to me now. Like when you try to pull the core of the sore it seems to shrink back into the skin....AMOEBAS. When you pull MOST of the cores and it seems to fill back up and won't heal unless ALL the crap is gone....AMOEBAS. Amoebas can make as much or as little of themselves as they want. They can get bigger or smaller as thet want. It is a whole bunch working as a group. The sad thing is mostly they mimic human tissue and are often overloked. Hope this helps.
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