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ms.distressed , 04 Sep 2014

My 30-Day Challenge

I'm 23 years old and have been plagued with a skin picking disorder since I was 12. Since I have gotten older, it has grown into a serious problem affecting numerous aspects of my life. In many ways, it has consumed me; it has posed significant issues in my relationships, and has also kept me from doing things that will potentially better my life. Recently, I've been doing fairly well, however. I will go weeks without causing any serious damage, but when I truly relapse, it's REALLY bad. I'm writing this today because I encountered one such relapse yesterday in the midst of an anxiety attack. A vast majority of my face is entirely marred now, and I am feeling absolutely mortified and ashamed. Obviously, what I have been doing to cease this problem once and for all has not been entirely successful, so I feel like I need to go the extra mile and attempt this 30-day challenge. I will document my journey through this forum starting tomorrow - wish me luck!
2 Answers
September 05, 2014
Hello msdistressed, future ms.atpeace! All the best to you in your 30 day helps to have a place to vent and others who understand.
September 05, 2014
I started my challenge 5 days ago after mutilating my face too. I was fed up and I am so glad that I started! I'm in full support ms.distressed and wish you all the best. -Rae

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