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faith , 09 Sep 2014

why do we pick.emotional distress

I'm close to 30 years old and throughout my life I have picked up my face.I wouldn't say that it was ever really too bad to where I couldn't leave the house or cell super embarrassed but 2 weeks ago something really bad happened and I am just mortified.with that being said I started picking at my face shortly after that a few times a day and just going at it.I'm so embarrassed and I don't even want to leave the house my husband yells at me when he sees me in the think that I would stop seeing the all the problems it's causing.I don't have them the support his family so its something I'm dealing with by myself. So I'm really glad that I found this website because it made me feel a lot better even though I tried to explain to my husband that the reason why I've been picking at my face is because I'm really depressed over the issue that happened a couple weeks ago because of what happened is something that I'm going to have to deal with for a long time and it's going to cause me a lot of heartache.but it's really good to know that I'm not the only one and other people have the same issue.I have to stop because I will be starting a job soon and they probably won't hire me is my face is all picked upthey will probably think I'm on drugsbut for anyone else feeling like this just know that it will probably go away in about a week or two and just try to occupy your time keep yourself busy so that you don't have time to sit in the mirror for hours and pick at your face.and who cares what other people think because at the end God will be the only one judging you.if anyone has any tips or advice on things I could use to speed up the healing process that would be greatand remember to keep your head up and stay out of the mirror
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September 09, 2014
Definitely emotional distress is what is a trigger for me to pick. It's like I want to deny what's actually going on and focus on a different problem. Unfortunately, the real problem has to be dealt with eventually and then there's an added problem of a picked apart face! It's something that has to be dealt with one small step at a time, and keep reminding yourself daily to not do it and get out your feelings a better way. Counseling? A web site forum that can help you process what you dealt with 2 weeks ago? Show your husband how he can help you, and see if he would be willing to hold you instead when you feel like picking. You'll have to decide if he's the best one to confide in or not, especially if it's about him. My husband is wonderful in many ways but there are certain subjects I know he won't be empathetic about and I need to talk to another trusted friend. //For healing, I use antibiotic ointment if it's an open wound but depending if it's cystic? acne or not sometimes I get a whitehead coming back in the same spot. But the zinc in it usually helps it to heal faster. A few people on this site have recommended Acnomel cream you have to order online and I just started it and it seems good because of the sulfur ingredient. And most definitely not picking works the best! All the best to you for a peaceful heart and peaceful face!

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