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AverageJoe10 , 10 Sep 2014

Never Talked About Skin Picking Before...But I Have It Bad.

So this is the first time I've ever really addressed my skin picking issue with my face. I'm a 29 year old male and I go through horrible cycles of skin picking. Right now I have 6 nickle or slightly bigger than nickle sized open wounds on my face and it's absolutely horrible and depressing. They burn, hurt and make me want to cry to be honest. Even worse, in 4 days I am in a wedding party and will have hundreds of pictures taken :( As a guy, I'm slightly embarrassed to say it, but I essentially wear make up everyday. When my skin is at it's worst (like now), it doesn't really help and you can see the skin has different texture or redness. I'm not sure how everyone else experiences their skin picking issues, but maybe you can all help me with understanding my pattern. Basically, I start with an ingrown hair or small pimple and it gets worse from there. I have a pretty thick beard so when the spots start to scab over, I tend to have new ingrown hairs in those spots. The issue I have is that the skin that grows back always has a funny texture....kind of like ripples. Almost as if the skin is not taught and there is a very thin layer of skin over the wound. It also get's hard and itchy and has less feeling than my surrounding skin. So if I touch it it doesn't really feel like I'm touching it. Anyway, if anyone can help explain if this is normal (do you experience the ripple, hard, itchy skin?) and how I might be able to fix my problem, I would be really greatful. Thank you for any help.
2 Answers
September 16, 2014
Hi there. Im new here & stopped by & read ur post. I do not if this is normal or not but, it's a normal practice to you. We have enuff damn shame in this life, why don't we figure it out & see what the root of the cause is. My mother did the picking of skin & we use to laugh at it it but, I suffer from it too. Ive been in therapy now dealing with other life issues & I have been able to open up a bit about this for the 1st time ever & I guess its quite common behavior with OCD whihc, I deal with. I wanted to leave a reply for u 2 let u know I read ur post & I wish u well.
September 17, 2014
My face is pretty bad. Calamine lotion has been a life saver! I learned the solution from another member. read this post.

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