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MsMarginalized , 17 Sep 2014

Newbie here & really feeling like a noob!

Just found this website & y'all know the relief....reading others experiences/thoughts that are exactly like my own! Got so excited, I went ahead of myself. In looking for the "Join the forum" I stumbled on the Join the Online Therapy Program. So I sent a message asking if I had to purchase to join the forum. Once I sent it I figured out what I needed. DUH! I have chewed my inside lip/mouth since I was in Junior High (am mid-40's now) and the scalp picking may be just as long. I am under a Psychiatrist for care of Major Depressive Disorder & after about a decade and a half-he diagnosed me at the tender, young age of 42 with a form of Autism called Aspergers Syndrome. (If you know of Susan Boyle-the Scottish singer who was diagnosed with it at 52.) My MDD was under full control 6 months ago. For the first time in YEARS I knew we had me on the right med at the right dose. Ffwd to scalp is a bloody mess. I am glad I'm seeing my primary care Dr. tomorrow (for my yearly check under the hood). I know I mentioned the scalp picking to my Psychiatrist in passing (probably over 10 years ago now). But this is the worst it's ever been & I can get my primary Dr. to examine it (my Psychiatrist never did look at my scalp--IIRC) Have to go now & play taxi-driver. WILL be back soon!

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