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mamma , 05 May 2009

willpower alone does not work

Hi my name is Breanne and I am a compulsive skin picker. I have 5 days now without picking! I surrender to my Higher Power today. I have faith that my HP will help me with this because I know my willpower alone does not work. Below is a passage from the Just For Today daily meditation book I try to read every morning.... it was created by Narcotics Anonymous but I am still able to apply it to my desire to stop picking since the picking is defenitly an addiction! May 5 Any Lengths "...I was ready to go to any lengths to stay clean." Basic Text, p. 217 "Any lengths?" newcomers ask. "What do you mean, any lengths?" Looking back at our active addiction and the lengths we were willing to go to in order to stay high(pick)help to explain. Were we willing to drive many miles to get drugs? Yes, we usually were. Then it makes sense that, if we are as concerned about staying clean as we were about using, we will try anything to find a ride to a meeting. In our addiction, didn't we often do crazy, insane things or use unknown substances at the direction of others? Then why do we often find it so hard to take direction in recovery, especially when the direction is designed to help us grow? And when we used, didn't we often, in desperation, turn to our Higher Power, saying, "Please, just get me out of this one!" Then why do we find it so hard to ask for God's help in our recovery? When we used, we usually had an open mind when it came to finding ways and means to get more drugs. If we can apply this same principle of open-mindedness to our recovery, we may surprise ourselves by how easily we begin to grasp the NA program. Our best thinking, it is often said, got us into the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous. If we are willing to go to any lengths, follow directions, and stay open-minded, we can stay clean. Just for today: I am willing to go to any lengths to stay clean(not pick). I will become as open-minded and ready to take direction as I need to be.

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