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hkan_kan , 15 Oct 2014

Dermatillomania Research Paper


My name is Haley and I am currently an Anthropology undergraduate at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. As a part of my Anthropology of the Body class (a class that “explores the body as a dynamic, malleable and experiential entity around which society, culture and economy intersect”) I've chosen to write about the skin picking disorder that I suffer from, dermatillomania, for my final paper.

While in my paper I will be discussing my own personal relationship with dermatillomania and the treatment processes that I go through, I am also looking for people who also have this disorder who are willing to be interviewed. The interview will consist of a variety of questions including, but not limited to, your relationship with the skin picking disorder, its relationship with your physical body, and how you have handled it so far. It should be noted that the real names of those interviewed will not be disclosed within my paper. The more interviews I'm able to get, the better as I want to be able to get a large spectrum of dermatillomania and the different experiences that people can go through with it.

Are you interested or willing to help or have any questions? You can contact me at

1 Answer
October 18, 2014

Hey Haley,

I'm brand new to all of this, but I'm interested in talking to you more about it. I just sent you an email, but I don't really want to give away my ID here right now.


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