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Baggieblackcat , 18 Oct 2014

Who likes to have their skin picked by others?

I'm a 34 year old man and had eczema all of my life. About 10 years ago my ex girlfriend was peeling my sunburnt skin whilst on holiday & admitted that she likes picking skin. I suggested that she tried picking the eczema on my hand...which she did, and we both loved it. Things got so intense that she used to pick my hands until they sometimes bled, but I loved it.

My current partner gets annoyed with me when I ask her to pick my hand, the truth is tho...I love having my hand picked by others . It's so therapeutic for me & feels sooooooo good.

Is there anyone out there who loves picking others skin? I'd love to meet someone who could just take my hand and give it a good long pick on a regular basis.

I know I sound weird, but to me it's like a full body massage...only much nicer !!!!!

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