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PickMeUp , 18 Oct 2014

NEWBIE: How did your recovery journey start? Tell me your story.

Hey everyone, I'm a total nube. I'm just starting to come to terms with the fact that I have a problem with skin picking (just cringed and started twitching in discomfort and disgust by writing that). I'm curious: for all of you, how did you first come to terms with this as a problem, what support did you seek (or what support found you), what did you wish you knew from the beginning, etc? Thanks a lot. I'm still too much in the disgusted phase to want to actively stop, because I don't fully understand what exactly this is yet. I just want to know where you started. I look forward to your stories. -PickMeUp

1 Answer
October 20, 2014

First, I'm 36 years old. I have been a serious picker since I was a kid, but didn't realize it was a "thing", a problem, until last year. I desperately want to stop. I have asked my partner to tell me when she notices me picking (or searching for something to pick) since I frequently don't notice I'm doing it. I pick constantly and I am so embarrassed by it. I am embarrassed by the scabs and by the picking itself. I told my therapist about it today and she just let it slide by. She offered no real suggestions. I guess the first step is to realize you have a problem. Look. We both took the first step! As for what to do next, well, I have no clue. I am researching. I need to stop. I want to stop. I want to know why I'm doing it and fix it so I can quit ruining my skin and my self-esteem.

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