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potatoes , 19 Oct 2014

some advice for you

What I'm still learning when dealing with facial skin problems. To prevent ohers from going through many predicaments like I have. 1 . To not pick the skin around the wound. This encourages the impulse to keep pulling it until the skin around the wound is levelled around it. May seem fine then but then you have given yourself a much bigger wound. Even to the unstoppable impulse of pulling around healthy skin.
2. Each picked area consequences to a dark pigmentation. Which takes more than a year to eventually fade.
3. Using lemons or HQ to speed up the fading process. HQ thickened my dark marks literally. It gave me the delusion that it would peel off eventually. But predicting that seems far too dangerous. That itself caused more pigmentation because I wanted to pick it off.
4. Lemons had worked for me in the past but recently it caused new open sores on my face where I have not even picked at. Plus giving me new tiny bumps and pimples. Maybe because I was over doing it in one sitting.

So now I've placed manuka honey on these wounds. And ensuring I drink carrot juice everyday because of its vitamin a intake. Red bell peppers x1 each day for its vitamin c.

I've realised placing new tricks on my face just isnt going to cut it anymore. Therefore what we feed ourselves internally is most important.

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