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Biter4747 , 25 Oct 2014

Does anyone else do this???

Ok so I'm 23 year old white male. Grew up in a typical upper middle class home. Grew up hardcore religious family Jehovah's wittnesses. Parents are still happily married. I am 6'1" very fit. I work in the music business. I am very social and have lots of friends. Haha my summed up backstory...

I'm definitely a hardcore biter. Bite the insides of my mouth and bite my lips bad and eat all the skin. Next I bite my hands wicked bad. All my nails, the skin off the tips of all my fingers. Also all my knuckles (thumbs the worst.) and the insides of the thumb knuckles too. I also bend back my middle finger and bite the palms of my hands where my callouses are. (Yeah that's kind of weird right!? Hehe) so those are my hands...

Now I bite and eat all my toe nails and bite the bottoms of the toe right next to the pinky. (Always nice and soft) and I bite and eat all the skin around my big toe nail. I also have developed large callouses on the sides of my big toes. I can bite off huge pieces of skin and not even feel it. I also bite and eat the skin off the backs of my heels.

So from time to time i do not feel like biting. So I will break out the nail clippers and clip huge strips of skin off the sides of my big toes and heels. Then I will save all those clippings and lay them out on the bathroom counter. And bite and eat one or two every morning.
Sooooo..... That's kinda weird right??

I've never told anyone this until now...feeling relieved :)

1 Answer
December 04, 2014

I'm the exact same way! Female, 18. Been doing this for years. I chew my nails on my hands and feet, the skin, the calluses. Even the clipper thing you described, I do that too! My heel, the whole pad of my foot, my toes. Ugh, it really sucks man. I've never told anybody. I hide my hands and feet if I feel like someone could see them. I've never even told my parents or boyfriends or best friends. It's embarrassing and I don't know how to stop :/

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