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duramaxdarlin , 26 Oct 2014

ear picking

So recently I've been picking my ears really bad, I've been having a lot of anxiety attacks and the only thing that seems to help is picking my ears. I've always picked and dug at my ears with pretty much everything but lately I've been digging deeper in my ears than before and I've noticed my ears have been ringing a lot louder than usual I really want to stop picking at my ears because I can feel an ear infection coming on and it's making my anxiety worse does anybody have anything they do to try and cope with out picking??

1 Answer
November 15, 2014

I used to pick my ears with matches and hair pins until I managed to dislodge the delicate crystals the middle ear and this triggered such a Vertigo that sometimes even lying in bed the whole room would spin horribly, or I would just reach up a shelf or move down to put my shoes on and I would lose balance completely, and collapse. This condition known as Top-shelf Vertigo caused by the constant picking made me stop AT ONCE with this nasty habit.

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