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Annmoonshine , 02 Nov 2014

I peel the skin of my lips

I have been doing this since I was 6 (I am 19). And everyone in my family would tell me to stop but I mean is not that easy I always tell them. They think that by saying it I'd realize it and just stop. Well I have gone to therapy they say it's anxiety but my medicine didn't work at all. And at times I do it so kuch it bleeds u.u and I have never in my life met someone that does this as much as I do and I feel pretty lonely and weird about it. No one understands how painful it's to want to stop doing something but you simply cant. I have noticed that when my lips are wet like with chapstick or lipstick I don't peel them as much, and also when I have lollipops. But I want to know if someone faces the same problem as I do and how you deal with it? I am almost 20 and can't believe I am still doing this :( now my upper life has like a small callus. I am so low self esteem about it because I feel it's there you can't notice the scar until you really focus on it. But yeah I mean what's the deal with it.

1 Answer
November 02, 2014

Hello I've recently tried the emu oil sold at sprouts and the amino acid NAC
The representative in the vitamin area told me there is Deficiency of NAC (an amino acid)
in the brain that leads to compulsive disorders.
I've only been using both for 1 week and have had astonishing results
I don't know of its a placebo for me but it's working for me
I've been picking my hairs behind my ears and nail biting since I was in my teens.

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