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mamma , 06 May 2009

Are we having fun yet?

I hope someday I or we can form a support group to meet face to face with others who suffer from compulsive skin picking. Read below. I have copied and pasted a passage from the Just for Today daily meditation book I read every morning. I think this could apply to CSP the way it works for people trying to stay clean from drugs.... May 6 Are We Having Fun Yet? "In time, we can relax and enjoy the atmosphere of recovery." Basic Text, pp. 53-54 Imagine what would happen if a newcomer walked into one of our meetings and was met by a group of grim-faced people gripping the arms of their chairs with white knuckles. That newcomer would probably bolt, perhaps muttering, "I thought I could get off drugs and be happy." Thankfully, our newcomers are usually met by a group of friendly, smiling folks who are obviously fairly content with the lives they've found in Narcotics Anonymous. What an enormous amount of hope this provides! A newcomer, whose life has been deadly serious, is strongly attracted by an atmosphere of laughter and relaxation. Coming from a place where everything is taken seriously, where disaster always waits around the next corner, it's a welcome relief to enter a room and find people who generally don't take themselves too seriously, who are ready for something wonderful. We learn to lighten up in recovery. We laugh at the absurdity of our addiction. Our meetings—those rooms filled with the lively, happy sounds of percolating coffee, clattering chairs, and laughing addicts—are the gathering places where we first welcome our newcomers and let them know that, yes, we're having fun now. Just for today: I can laugh at myself. I can take a joke. I will lighten up and have some fun today. pg. 132
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May 12, 2009
My therapist and I have been working on this pretty consistently, and he feels very strongly that meeting people in person is important. This kind of face-to-face sharing is different, makes us comforted and encouraged but also accountable to each other. I posted a while ago trying to form a group around here, but didn't get any replies. It must seem terribly extreme-- I know the thought scares me to death, but I do think it would be liberating. Who knows. We might be able to make each other better.

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