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socrscor17 , 01 Dec 2014

Need Help! Not Sure What It Is or What To Do!

Okay, so a little background...I'm a male, 24 now, 25 in January. I had acne throughout high school and college, though in college it wasn't too bad and got a little better each year. Most of that time I was also taking acne pills to help control it. Then once I was out of college and started working in the real world in 2012, things got bad. It wasn't exactly acne and it wasn't exactly ingrown hairs, though both of those were problems. I shave with the trimmer part of an electric shaver since that has been the best for my skin in terms of breaking out. My problem is finding and plucking out hair follicles (I'm pretty sure that's what they are). I'm a bit of a perfectionist and probably have a mild case of OCD so whenever I see a pimple or bumb, or feel it (they sometimes hurt) I want to get rid of it so that my skin/face is even and/or the pain will go away. So I notice bumps and look at them very close and see something that looks like hair underneath (whether it's there or not) and think that if I can pull it out then it'll make it better after it heals. So I take my tweezers and try to get to the hair and usually it turns out to be the follicle. As I dig, the follicle becomes I guess separated from the skin in a bulb like way, so I dig around it until I can get a good hold of it and pull it out. This leaves me with holes in my skin and it takes a while for the scab to go away, but usually it just comes back anyway and I pick at it all over again. Most of this is under my chin and on my neck to about my adams apple. The skin on my face is actually pretty good with only an occasional pimple. I'm actually pretty good at not touching my face during the day, but once I see it, I can't stop until I pull it out. I get shots from my dermatologist monthly, but it doesn't seem to stick. She suggested Accutane, which I was going to do, but my mother was completely against it as soon as I said it. I have tried and continue to use Acnomel at night and I use it as a cover up type thing in the morning for the whole day. It helps a little, but it sometimes dries out my skin so much that I have to stop for a few days. It seems to help the scab, but not stop it from returning. I take a lot of the Vitamins suggested, like A, E, Fish Oil, etc, but they keep coming back. I feel if I could just get my skin to point 0 again, meaning good, I could be okay. But I can't get to that point. I have times when I get a good few days and think that that's the start of something, but then I'll find myself picking that night. There are no triggers either since I pick on good days. I've done the put something on it to cover it once I see it method and while that may work on that night, but it doesn't get rid of it and I eventually pick at it and pluck it. I don't eat bad and I exercise so lifestyle changes wouldn't be an issue. I'm at a loss for what to do. I obviously don't want to be on pills for the possible effects, but would if that's the only option. But Accutane is out of the question, though I would like to try it, I understand the objection. I don't know what else to do. I'm going to ask my dermatologist if there's another option, but I'm hoping someone is like me and has a solution. Sorry for the long post, thanks in advance for any help!

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December 24, 2014

Those painful bumps are caused by parasites. DO NOT LET ANYONE CONVINCE YOUR OTHERWISE …and believe me, they’ll try (ill-informed dermatologists included). The parasites are called Demodex mites. That plug is the adult stage of the mite. Usually, humans are only inhabited by Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis. I suspect you’re describing the Demodex injai, the "large-body" Demodex. You'll want to get rid of these things ASAP and with extreme prejudice. Your skin improves and then erupts again because of their life cycle. I wound up with an all-out infestation because it took me 7 years, 5 useless dermatologists, and 2 ill-equipped primary care physicians to figure it out. One dermatologist accused me of making the sores myself and suggested I take an anti-depressant. But, don't get me started on that... I even had an elevated IGg because my system was so irritated by them. Anyway, back to the mites …The adults move around on your skin (usually at night because they don’t like light) and give you an itchy, crawly sensation. After they mate, the pregnant female emerges to lays eggs. When the pregnant female comes out, it looks kind of like a regular pimple. But, no puss comes out it-only fluid- and it gets red and irritated if you mess with it. The eggs she lays around the area where she emerged, that look kind of like "spindles." They’re down inside your skin but have little white hairs sticking out of your pores. Those hairs get a little thicker and will sometimes fall out as the egg evolves into an adult mite. Don’t bother pulling them out. The hairs will simply detach and the mite will stay in your pore. The adult mites are NOTHING NICE. They have, what I call venom (for lack of a better word), that causes a sever immune response. If you mess with them, they create this clear fluid that makes a hole in your skin. If you persist, they will make you bleed profusely. I think that stuff is an anti-coagulant too! After you lose the battle (and you will), your skin feels like it's on FIRE. Depending upon how much you messed with them, you'll either have a sore spot that won't heal or a plasticky quasi-scab looking thing …on top of a sore that won’t heal. If you lift up the plasticky scab, you can see the adult mites attached to the underside of it. I say that to say this: DON’T BOTHER MESSING WITH THEM. You will not get them out without putting a deep hole in your skin. They just dig down deeper if you try to pull them out with tweezers. The immune response will make a real mess of your face. You cannot kill the adult Demodex with creams because they move down into your pores beyond the reach of topical miticides. You cannot kill adult Demodex with ingested miticides because they have a hard outer shell that protects them from absorbing the chemicals. If you pinch one of those white plugs really hard with some tweezers you can hear it crunch. (I even tried applying a tiny bit of RAID …didn’t work.) I got rid of the MF’ers with 3 things: (1) Ivermectin, (2) Permethrin SFR, and (3) sulfur paste (all of which I found at the local feed store for animals). First: Use Ivermectin to kill the mid-stage mites. I used the equine version. It’s a paste with 1.87% Ivermectin. (DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. IVERMECTIN DOSES ARE DETERMINED BY WEIGHT. I SIMPLY USED THE APPROPRIATE AMOUNT OF PASTE FOR MY WEIGHT. I HAD NO PROBLEMS AT ALL, BUT BE CAREFUL). Within 6-8 hours of your first dose of Ivermectin, you'll see the mites pushing out of your pores IN DROVES. Because it only kills the mid-stage mites (not eggs or adults), you’ll need to take Ivermectin once a week, for 4-6 weeks. When you take the Ivermectin, change your bed sheets every night, for at least three nights. Also, buy a few extra pillow cases so you can have a newly washed pillow case every night for at least four weeks. I STRONGLY suggest this measure because the mites wreaked havoc on my scalp. My hair has not grown for more than 3 years. You may want to use Selson Blue shampoo for 4 to 6 weeks, just in case. Second: Use Permethrin SFR, which is 38.6 % Permethrin, to kill the eggs. Dilute it in a spray bottle and spray EVERYTHING in your house, including mattresses, couches, carpets, etc. …EVERYTHING. Then, vacuum really good, and spray EVERYTHING again. Buy new pillows too. Wash ALL CLOTHING and LINENS in hot water. Put them in the dryer on “high heat.” I even lightly sprayed the Permethrin solution on the dried laundry, and the replaced bed sheets. Permethren is not really toxic to humans, and it’s odorless once it dries (PLEASE READ THE PACKAGING THOROUGLY). WHILE I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS: I poured ¾ cup of the Permethrin SFR in my bath water. After soaking for a short time, there were so many eggs (with the white hairs) that my bath water had a film on it. I only did this because I had a full-on infestation. Third: Apply the sulfur paste all over your body. It’s a little tricky to apply, so I suggest wearing gloves. Also, it’s really thick and has a strong smell. I used Pierce’s All Purpose Nu-Stock. I had to mix the paste with baby oil to get it to spread. You’re supposed to wear it, kind of like calamine lotion, for 3 days straight. Then re-apply, on top of the first application, and wear for another 3 days. The objective is to keep the adult mites from mating and laying new eggs. I realize this is a lot. But, BELIEVE ME, you do not want to be infested with these things. This has been a 7-year nightmare for me …finally coming to an end.

June 22, 2017

In reply to by pthesmith

I hope you still receive notice of comments as I see some years have past. Can you tell me how you applied the Ivermectin? I know there is oral, injectable, pour on but I can not imagine you drank it or gave yourself a shot..I am leery of using pour on of what it might do to my skin. I have been battling this for 7yrs now. %yrs my dermatologist had me on antibiotics saying it was acne (which I had never had before). I had allergic reactions to sulfa based antibiotic which almost killed me. Now I have tinnitus in my ears from the time of antibiotics. I have researched and researched and your post just came back in my googling and makes sense to me especially considering I have always had a farm and farm animals. I have facial scarring from picking these buggers out and my dermatologist said I was pulling out my hair follicles and to leave alone but the instant pain relief of pulling them has kept me pulling them. I suffer from agoraphobia now as I can not stand anyone to see me- people today assume if you have facial acne issues you are on drugs like meth or heroin which I have never even tried ever. I am desperate to try your cure but need some more information and where to purchase some of these things..I washed my face with my dogs flea shampoo but it is only 0.27% pherothrin and not sure if that is the permethrin you described just spelled different/wrong but I did see/feel some immediate change to lump size. some of these lumps have been on my face for years without change. I have tried popping them, poking with a needle and nothing comes out. I really need your help...I am just shy of calling life quits.

December 14, 2016

You have explained exactly what i've been experiencing for the better part of 10 years. It all started when I burned myself, doing a at home Nair hair removal and immediately after, did a facial steam. It must have overdone it because 2 days later my skin flared up in boils and large patches, and it was never treated well, even though I was diagnosed with 2nd degree chemical burns. I was given antibiotics and decided to wear these scar patches to cover them so I could at least go to work. I was living in NY and traveling on the train was mortifying, not to mention I got fired, the company thought I was going weird. The skin would get hot and gooey and oozy under the patches all day, but I was too embarrassed to let the sores show, and they couldn't be covered ...needless to say, it set teh perfect stage i THINK, for an infestation that was deeply set in my pores. I remember when it first hapepned, I tried to pull them out, the male ones i THINK, and maybe it would break a little off the top, then they'd burrow right into the skin deeper, and they got lost there, and recreated and the cycles were so deep in the glands, because the skin was still healing, that a few years of ok skin, where the top part healed superficially, and i WORE lots of makeup, then three years later, it's like holy hell, eruptions of sores, that would open up, hurt really badly, and then I'd pick at it thinking it was a zit, but it would just break the skin, and nothing would come out. I'd take a tweezer to my skin, and i LITERALLY have indentations and holes that you could have put your pinky finger into at one time. I have waged war on these fuckers and the people close to me knowing that i've had issues with depression would think I was hurting myself on purpose.Like nobody, dermatologists, family really understood and it's too disghusting and embarrassing to actually ever let anyone see you go at your face like that. It took some years for the skin to shed so that those deeply laid ones could come closer enough to the surface (or their hundreth millionth ancestors..since these things respawn so quickly, but I would find these like patches where there were just what felt like hundreds of white plugs, that if i wasnt careful enough, would rip and no pop out if not pulled at the right angle and tool. They would grab at the skin so hard, like sometimes i'd pray and pull them out, I would find a like a motherload of just a white bulbus area, that when you pulled it out, blood would just shoot out, like it had been trapped for so long or something behind this plug, and you could even feel the pore like break, then i'd finally feel the pore tighten, with it's first fresh breath of air in a decade...i've been tearing up my face digging these things out for years. I have the worse surface and I'm still suffering with infestation sites. I've just ordered some sulfur based demodex solution forma doctor in China. I found out when I was pregnant with my son, just l year and 1/2 ago that I have a thyroid problem, where i'm not producing enough, which is essentially an immunity disorder, so I have a lowered immunity, and i have a family history of diabetes, nad I honestly dont'eat well, because i'VE basically spent so much time being a hermit, having to hide form the world. I was once active and a singer doing shows, but it got so bad, I dropped out of school and stopped seeing people in my network. This has really destroyed my life and i'm so scared for my little boy, he's so pure. I don;t want anything to happen to him. I am doing what i can in terms of making health changes and also I do wash my face and cleanse, and exfoliate daily, and change sheets, and such things. Just wanted to share my story

June 23, 2017

I've dealt with these thing for 11years now. At first on my face - my nose,chin,area where my ear attaches to my facial area. I've took tweezers to my face and have a lot of scaring, but nothing compared to both of my upper arms and down to the bend in them. Somehow they left my face completely and moved to my arms and my butt, one side of it anyways. They started with a itchy bump that made an bodd scab,when I accidently rubbed it off, yes, rubbed it, it was hot out and I was sweating. The scabs are NOT the normal scabs our bodies make!. But, when it was off i felt a liquid running down my chin, I took out my powder compact with mirror and csaw a mlky and sticky feeling then pus running down my chn. And there was a HOLE can my flesh!. It was the width of scab and the size of a 2 lead pencil's eraser!!. Everyone of them that came up was that way. (WHEN THE MITE IS FIRST ENTERING A PORE,IT WILL HAPPEN THIS WAY). Afterwards its never ending war of pulling them out over and over and over!. For the past 10 YEARS and about 8 months, I thought it was some type acne from hell!. Now I actually wish it cwas acne from hell!. At cleat it could be gotten rid of. I honestly think once infected there is just no way to get rid of these bugs!. I have started putting white nettle conditioner on the sores it kills them or maybe they just dont like it, they rise up out of my pores a tiny bit then I use the small nail clippers to grasp them and slowly and gently work the mite back and forth till it seems to be letting go then I pull quickly and forcfullly upwards. Sometimes when you see them seeming to lay length wise they're dead and got wound up to tightly with the hairs they attached themselves to. Also at times I've pulled on them only to have tyhee mite along with hairs its attached to rip out sideways. I could feel and afterwards see the sideways lines of blood forming in my raw flesh that I'd been digging around in trying to force them out. Hydrogen peroxide WILL kill the ADULTS but not the other stages. It will also cause a lot of painfull rashes on your surrounding skin when it runs down the skin. So there's just no real cure for us, that I'M aware of.

August 04, 2017

Yes you are absolutely right about everything. Ivermectin and sulphur, and maintaining with a tea tree oil and neem facewash helps. Using paraben free products and flouride free toothpaste also helps. Not surevif these things feed the nasty disgusting parasites or irritates the skin creating more food for them but it definitely helped me.

August 23, 2017

Has anyone had any luck with Cliradex eyelid and face wipes or Ungex? The websites have very promising testimonials. My first noticeable skin mite symptom was dry irritated eyes.. that I have seen many eye doctors about complaining to them that I felt like there was something in my eyes. After years of dealing with this my right lower eyelid started twitching like a quiver. It twitches non stop day and night. Now my eye doctors are suggesting botox as a treatment but I think its mite related activity near and in my eyes and I want to solve it not cover it up. I tried Cliradex eyelid wipes over past few days and it seems to stop the quiver for hours after use, I hope this will work but I also just ordered Ungex from Australia on Amazon it is very expensive but I am so desperate.

August 31, 2017

I am shocked to read this! I knew that some fomr of parasite (little arachnids) were living in my pores, but had no idea of how they multiplied and colonized us!!
I may have this in a mild form, how do you know for sure this is it? Sometimes I'd dig a hole around the "hard little intruder" and then push around it and it would pop out (I coild almost hear it pop). But I never saw or felt anything moving. How to know for sure...?
And antibiotics won't work at all? Roaccutan?
Years of acne and so much new info I am learning here...!

August 20, 2021

I also need help. I can't imagine living with this for 7 or 10 years . I feel I have health issues. I mean they act like scabies but since permithryn didn't work they ruled it out . I may not have that because I can see with my eyes. . I wish I could get a response because I get really depressed it would help me so much if I had a support team. I have on scalp and private area and my skin was getting better but I started using sauna infrared daily and a sauna blanket at night and that has helped me not to take 3-4 baths. But it has taken them to a tiny stage and that stage is vicious. It's so light they fly in air like dust mites. And they get in eyes ears nose. I feel worse than I did when they were black and biting harder. Theseus embed in my hands face then cause extreme itching and I'm sure they will get bigger if allowed. Please someone who has had any amount of success reach out to me .

August 20, 2021

I also need help. I can't imagine living with this for 7 or 10 years . I feel I have health issues. I mean they act like scabies but since permithryn didn't work they ruled it out . I may not have that because I can see with my eyes. . I wish I could get a response because I get really depressed it would help me so much if I had a support team. I have on scalp and private area and my skin was getting better but I started using sauna infrared daily and a sauna blanket at night and that has helped me not to take 3-4 baths. But it has taken them to a tiny stage and that stage is vicious. It's so light they fly in air like dust mites. And they get in eyes ears nose. I feel worse than I did when they were black and biting harder. Theseus embed in my hands face then cause extreme itching and I'm sure they will get bigger if allowed. Please someone who has had any amount of success reach out to me .

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