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Pick-a-Back , 16 Dec 2014

I've been picking fingers, thumbs, elbows, heels, ears, face, legs and hands since I can remember.

I've been a picker all my life and I hate it. My mother picks her feet and my five brothers and sisters are always having a pick at something. It can be distressing because there is always a part of me that I have to try to conceal. Signing things and keying in my P.I.N. number are a normal part of everyday life that cause me to cringe inside. In the summer time, I peel thick sheaths of skin from my heels until they bleed. Currently I need a haircut but I can't go to the hair dressers because of a lesion just inside my ear. It is currently hot and humid where I live, but tomorrow I have an appointment and I'll have to wear long trousers with closed in shoes because of a total of eleven lesions on my legs and around my ankles. I prefer to chew on a piece of skin than a piece of chewing gum.
Despite all of this, I can provide some suggestions that may help to prevent picking.
1. Constantly apply moisturiser to your hands.
2. Try to wear socks around the house even in summertime and particularly when you're sitting down in the evening. Apply a heel cream first.
3. If you notice a loose piece of skin anywhere, cover it with a strong antiseptic cream that tastes awful and put a band aid over it.
4. Always use insect repellent when outdoors in the summer.
5. Take up knitting.

I hope some of these suggestions may help.

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